Administration, Systems and Processes Support

Drowning in a sea of messy files and folders, with a paper trail that keeps you awake at night? Then let me help you.

Bespoke Projects

Creative packages, newsletters, lead magnets, landing pages and much more.

Booking Systems

Is it time to take back control of your business? Let’s chat about how a booking system can help you do that.

Business Support Products

Looking for extra resources and products to support you in your business, then check out what I have to offer you.

Membership Systems

Do you dream of having an online course or membership?

Don’t worry, I’m here to bring your vision to life!  

Event Management

If you have a particular event you’re struggling with organising, let’s chat about how I can help you pull it together from concept to delivery.

As a result, with my support:

You’ll feel much more in control and have the headspace to focus on the things you need to grow your business and increase your income instead.

You’ll be keeping on top of emails and appointments, so you never have to worry about missing client enquiries again.

Your fear of all the tech you’ve struggled with will go because the worst bit is done – setting it up and making sure it works!

You’ll get the time you need to spend with your clients and their dogs.

The canine VA Fiona Pedley feeling relaxed

Power Hours

Power Hours are go!!

A power hour is very beneficial for brainstorming ideas. Not only does it enable you to get help and advice when needed, but it’s also a fantastic way to do so without any long-term commitment.

Essentially, a power hour is a paid call for a dedicated time slot. You spend that time to either use it to focus on getting ideas down and organised or getting help and advice on a specific area of your business.

A few suggestions:

  • Are you overwhelmed and keep putting projects and tasks off and need to talk them through?
  • How about getting someone to cast an eye over your processes?
  • Another great use for a power hour session is to gain perspective and insight. It isn’t always easy to think outside the box when you’re sat firmly inside it!
  • It isn’t always easy to get insight and input on your ideas. A listening ear may be just what you need. As a business owner, you’ll naturally come up with lots of ideas and plans, but not all of them will be good or well thought out, so getting someone else’s prospective on them could be all you need.
  • They are also a terrific way to do a brain dump and get clarity on ideas, which will help clear your mind, improve focus and productivity.

Packages start from £89 per hour.

What My Clients
Think About Me

Alicia Fairclough

I am one of Fiona's VA clients and it is an absolute pleasure working with her. Fiona is professional and the quality of her work is excellent. Fiona provides a wide range of services for my business from essential administration to more nuanced tasks such as writing, learning the 'company voice' and assisting on major projects. I highly recommend Fiona and her services.

Karen Henley

Thank you Fiona for the graphics you designed for me 🐾 I would highly recommend Fiona to anyone looking for a VA with a wealth of experience, professional, friendly and knowledgeable about the canine industry.

Niki French

I had the pleasure of working with Fiona for my admin needs. As a dog trainer, I conduct Zoom lessons and record social media advice. Fiona efficiently transcribed these recordings into usable documents. Her canine industry expertise, having been an assistant trainer and a dog owner, ensured a smooth process. Fiona was lovely to deal with and has a lot of knowledge in the industry. I highly recommend Fiona's support for anyone in the canine industry needing assistance.


Thank you for the contract- I feel very confident working with you and only wish we had had something so stringent in place with our previous VA.

Louise Lewis

Fiona has so much knowledge and understanding in this area, that it has been easy transitioning all my admin task over to her. I now have more time to concentrate more on my business and not boring admin tasks! Thank you!

Vanessa Bsirsky

Amazing VA - really helped me with some tasks that were too time consuming for me. She is also super lovely, plus she did a fantastic job! Will definitely use her services again.

Hannah White

Fiona has been helping me with my business for a few months now and she has always been professional, knowledgeable and responsive to everything I have asked. I can (and do) highly recommended her to anyone working in the pet care industry.

Jemma Birch

Fiona efficiently set up an online appointment booking system for my grooming business. She provided guidance on system selection, collected necessary information, and customised it according to my preferences. Fiona's expertise in the canine industry and her tech-savvy assistance were invaluable. She also conducted a helpful Zoom meeting to ensure I could use the system effectively. I am over the moon with my system & highly recommend Fiona for similar projects.

Jess Jones

Could not recommend Fiona more! As a person who’s neurodiverse I struggle a lot with organising and prioritising as well as looking for the small detail but thankfully now I have Fiona to help and do all that for me! Fiona is truly great at what she does and not only had my business improved but so has my mental health

Alexandra Weiss

Fiona is an absolute star to have working with me. Very reliable, always prompt nothing is ever to much trouble. 100% recommend Fiona. She totally gets the way my dog training business works. Thank you.

Jordan Eley

Have been working with Fiona for a couple of months now and she’s brilliant. She’s extremely diligent and conscientious. She’s also completely unflappable which is brilliant with my 100 mile a minute mind. She’s helped with a variety of admin and products and always ready to offer advice on thoughts on new ideas. Would 100% recommend to anyone thinking of working with a VA.
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