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I love to be organised and I’m passionate about helping others become organised and I’m super happy that you’re here.

I understand how it feels to be juggling all the balls and working all the hours because I’ve been there. Your business needs someone who understands it and shares your passion. 

With a unique blend of professionalism and canine industry knowledge, I’m here to ease your admin burden and tech hell. You get to focus on what you love, caring for our four-legged furry friends and feeling free from the burden of running a business! 

This notebook is designed by Fiona, helping dog lovers and passionate canine business owners to gain clarity in their business and life so they can clear their mind and focus on what is important so they can achieve success in their life and do what they love.

Everyone wants to be happy and successful and it’s only natural your head is full of great ideas, I get it I’m exactly the same. Often because our heads are so full it’s difficult to get clarity on which way to go, what to do first and in reality, nothing gets done!

Is this YOU?

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Well, I have the answer for you!

You need to do a brain dump! A brain dump is a fantastic way to get all your ideas out of your head and onto paper. Doing this empties your head and ensures that all the creativity comes out and we can turn some of these ideas into reality!

Getting everything out of your head free’s space in your mind, which in turn reduces overwhelm and overthinking and leaves you feeling more positive, calm, and productive.

I understand that not everyone has a love for technology, which is why I’ve created this ultimutt client record book. 

This comprehensive book allows you to effortlessly organise and access all the essential information for each grooming session. From the owners’ details to a meticulous record of equipment used, and even information on any medical issues or allergies – everything you need is at your fingertips. No more rummaging through outdated card systems or searching for scattered bits of paper. With this client record book, all your crucial information is neatly compiled in one convenient place.

If you’re someone who;

  • has post-it notes stuck everywhere with client info on,
  • spends hours going backwards & forwards through the diary,
  • looking to see when a client last had an appointment,
  • can never find the details of the products & cut you gave,
  • your client the last time they were in
  • struggles to find important information when needed quickly.

Then this record book is especially for YOU.

Look inside

  • 7” x 10” white paper with colour to add a splash of fun
  • 2 index pages to locate client easily
  • Holds details for 60 clients, with 4 pages per client
  • Client info page with owner’s details, vet’s details and dog’s details.
  • Grooming services page with date, service, price and notes
  • Space to add important health details
  • Pages to record general important information

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