Which online appointment system for your grooming business should you use?

So many to choose from!

So, you know you need to tidy up and streamline your appointments with an online system, but what’s out there.

There are lots of different systems available to you, and really it all comes down to personal choice and money, what works for you, might not work for the groomer down the road.  Personally, I’d advise you to try them all on their free trial offer, so you can see if you like the feel of them and they work for you.

There are grooming specific systems available and then lots of non-industry specific options, here I’m looking at four of the most popular systems for groomers currently.  To try and simplify it I’ve focused on 5 key areas, which are:-

  1. Overview
  2. Pricing and plans
  3. Integrations
  4. Features
  5. Points to consider

Savvy Pet Spa

Savvy is probably the biggest system out there and the name you will hear people say most often, it’s a powerful tool that can do everything you need in your business barring groom the dogs!  Savvy was created by a software developer that wanted to bring something amazing to the grooming industry that was easy to use and fully customisable. 

Pricing and plans

Starter is £35pm or £385 annual.  Suitable for sole and mobile groomers, includes 150 SMS

Growth is £45pm or £495 annual.  Includes online booking for customers, websites and 350 SMS

Multi is £50pm or £550 annual.  Includes everything in growth with the ability to use over multiple salons and 350 SMS.


  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Sum Up
  • iZettle
  • Quick Books
  • Google
  • iCal


100% No show protection

24/7 booking (if on Growth or Multi)

Customer subscription plans available

Reminders which are fully customisable

Deposit requests

Repeat appointments – block book for a year

All data is encrypted and backed up daily

24/7 support from the in-house customer service team, and support via Facebook.

Points to consider

Offering a 14 day free trial and no need to put your credit card in so you can play around and get the feel of it and see if you like it, you don’t have to worry about cancelling if it’s not for you. 

It has lots of great forms and you can have as many as you like, along with contract templates that can be tailored to your needs and fully brandable.  All forms can be sent via email making it quick and easy for you to obtain and easy for your customers to complete, these forms then sit in the clients’ records making it easy to see and keeping you 100% GDPR compliant.

Savvy is available via your desktop online, via your tablet with its app and it also has a customer app that will sit on your customers phone once downloaded and making it easy for them to rebook with you.  At the time of writing this, Savvy is the only system that has a customer app.

Online booking can integrate with your existing website.

Online booking can be set to pre-approval so they don’t automatically get accepted.

Topline Dogs

Another big name in the grooming software world and was created by dog groomers who understand your industry, so know what you want in a booking system allowing you more time to groom dogs rather than doing paperwork.

Pricing and plans

Standard is £19.99pm and is perfect for those just starting out

Premium is £29.99pm and is suitable for small teams or those that want a few more features  Includes send to all emails with smart filters and 150 SMS

Premium Plus is £39.99pm and is perfect for medium sized teams, includes all the many features of premium, allows 5 groomers and 350 SMS

Ultimate is £49.99pm and is for large teams of up to 10 groomers, has all the features available and 600 SMS.


None listed.


Easy setup wizard

Reminders can be sent automatically via email or SMS

Deposit requests for each booking

New customer forms and contracts

Easily view and manage customers and their pets

Continuous Cloud Backup

Multi-pet Appointments

Points to consider

Topline comes with a 30 day free trial and again no need to enter your credit card.

Topline was created by dog groomers who understand your industry so know what you want in a booking system allowing you more time to groom dogs rather than doing paperwork.

It comes with a setup wizard that quickly guides you through getting everything setup, so you’re ready to go in less than 10 mins, but the software is still full of great features and easy to use.

The software boasts a range of forms from a comprehensive new customer one, which can be automatically sent out so you don’t have to spend time filling them in.  Once the customer submits the completed form all the details are automatically added to their record.

Topline boast a comprehensive reporting system allowing you to gain invaluable insights to your business and runs on your phone, laptop, or desktop.  All data is stored on the cloud and is continuously backed up, so it’s all safe and secure.

Makes day to day admin super easy and is simple to use.

Barkley HQ

This Canadian-based software company is currently being adopted by #groomers and pet salons worldwide.

Pricing and plans

Pricing plans for Barkley are done slightly different whereby all features are standard and the pricing works on the number of employees you need to be able to use the system.

Personal Use $49 CAD pm – 1 employee

Small Team $69 CAD pm – 2 to 5 employees

Medium Team $89 CAD pm – 6 to 10 employees

Large Teams $109 CAD pm – 11+ employees



MS office



Any website builder  


Point-of-Sale system that is easy to setup

Calendar & bookings

CRM system keeps all details of your customers in detail

Online booking wizard lets clients easily book

Targeted marketing campaigns easily download reports to Excel, Word

Reminder system via email and SMS

Staff management, allows you to track employees’ hours.

Points to consider

Barkley HQ comes with a 14 days free trial although you do need to enter your credit card

cloud software for pet groomers which empowers you with brilliant tools to maximize your businesses potential. Barkley HQ helps you take control of your business so you can drive more revenue and grow your profits.

Easy to use technology

Has a comprehensive marketing suite for customer retention

Excellent online help suite with videos

Integrates with all website platforms allowing users to add their Barkley HQ online booking link to their website and social media pages. 


MoeGo is a California based company but their software is being adopted by #groomers and pet salons worldwide.  This is a brilliant software if you are a mobile groomer.

Pricing and plans

MoeGo has three different pricing structures depending on if you are salon based, mobile or a mix of the two.


Starter $49 pm – Basic features for small businesses with simple operations.

Growth $99 pm – Advanced features for small to mid-size businesses to boost revenue and scale operations.

Ultimate $159 pm – The most complete MoeGo Platform for brand conscious multi-van businesses.


Starter $79 pm – Basic features for small businesses with simple operations.

Growth $149 pm – Advanced features for small to mid-size businesses to boost revenue and scale operations.

Ultimate $239 – The most complete MoeGo Platform for brand conscious multi-location businesses.

Salon and Mobile

Growth and Ultimate – both are custom built with the features you want so prices vary.





MoeGo Smart Schedule™ with the mobile version

Automate appointment bookings for your customers

Online booking

Intake forms and digital agreement

Auto reminder

2-way messages

Mass texting

Auto reply

Points to consider

MoeGo comes with a free trial

If you are a mobile groomer then using the MoeGo Smart Schedule™ will help you lots. The Smart Schedule automatically handles your appointment scheduling, booking, management, and reminders so you can work more effectively without the busywork and confusion. 

Excellent route planning system, saving you fuel and minimising driving.

Cloud based system and sorts all your customer details securely meaning you are fully GDPR compliant.

3 types of reminders to help you reduce no-shows

Booking link for your website, Facebook Page

“Require card on file” feature for both online booking and intake form. It’s super easy to require your clients to put their card on file. All card numbers are encrypted and protected, and MoeGo doesn’t save card numbers on MoeGo server.

Paws Up

If you’re thinking, ‘Heck yes, I want this’, but don’t know how to set one up or don’t have the time, get in touch and I’ll do it for you. I offer various packages depending what stage you’re at in your grooming business.

If you’re wondering why, you should use an online appointment and business management system, then check out my previous blog here


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