Why an online membership is good for your dog training business.

An online membership is a type of membership that gives individuals access to your exclusive digital content, services, or community via the internet.

So, let’s talk online memberships for your business.

Why?  Because they are a fantastic way to boost your reputation and grow your business.

Online memberships have become massive over the last couple of years, more businesses are looking to include a membership in their business than ever.

Running a successful dog training business is rewarding, but it also requires a lot of work and dedication.  One key way to keeping your business successful is having a membership program in place.  In this blog, I’ll look at the reasons for having a membership to compliment your training business.

You are at capacity, but you want to help more people, there is only one of you and you are working all hours, but you can’t split yourself in half. 😥 Having a membership means you could change your business model to help more people and work less.

Having a membership is a great way to help those people out who need YOU, but you don’t have capacity for, and it also keeps them warm for when you do have capacity!  They will also talk about the great benefits they get from being a part of your membership to their family and friends who very likely have dogs too!

Adding a membership to your business can make it stronger, more resilient, and more fun.

Adding a membership to your business attracts people to you in your target audience, you build a community, and you give great advice, share training videos, and have guest speakers – your members feel special because they are part of your amazing community.  Your members will get to know you and other members building a fantastic community all while promoting you!!

You can effortlessly carryout research with your members to find out what they are struggling with and what they need from you so that you can deliver the solutions to their problems.  This also stops you from wasting time creating resources that your audience don’t need or want – as the saying goes time is money so don’t waste it.

🐾 Recurring revenue.

By attracting people to sign up to your membership in return for you providing them with something they want each month, you will be able to create a recurring income and that’s a massive benefit especially right now!  This stability in revenue is one of the key benefits of a membership and of course the more members you have, the bigger the monthly income is.

🐾 Not everyone can afford you.

In person training whether it’s 1-2-1 or in small groups can be just too expensive for some people, but they are desperate for YOUR help.  You feel frustrated that you have to say no to them when you can see they really need help with their dog.  By having a membership, you are offering people the chance to work with you at a lower price, they still get lots of help and the benefits of your experience.  You feel happy you can help them and it’s a boost to your income.

🐾 Encourages Commitment

By signing up for a membership, clients are showing their commitment to your business and their desire to continue working with you.  This can help to create a sense of community and loyalty among your clients, which can lead to long-term relationships and more repeat business.  When clients feel invested in your business, they are more likely to refer friends and family, which can help to grow your business even further.

🐾 Increases Engagement

A membership program can also help to increase client engagement with your business.  Members may receive exclusive access to training resources, special events, or discounts on additional services. This can help to keep your clients engaged and motivated to continue working with you.  Additionally, members may feel more connected to your business and may be more likely to leave positive reviews or provide feedback on their experiences.

🐾 The world is your oyster.

With an online membership, you can offer your services to anyone with an internet connection.  This means you’re not limited by geography.  You can reach people all over the world and help them train their dogs from the comfort of their own homes.  It gives your clients more flexibility in terms of when and where they train their dogs.  They don’t have to worry about scheduling conflicts or traveling to your physical location.  They can train their dogs when it’s convenient, which can be a huge benefit for busy dog owners.

🐾 Freedom and a better work life balance.

Having a membership provides you with an income stream and enables you to be choosier about who you work with in person.  We have all had those clients who are ok online but in person are completely different.  Having a membership means you will be able to reach more people, the world is your oyster when it’s all online.

🐾 It’s extremely popular.

Lots of people are introducing them into their businesses and making a great success of it.  Over the last few years learning online has become part of the norm so make use of this opportunity to grow your business.

If you’re thinking YES, I need this but don’t have the time for the tech or tidying up your resources, then I’m your woman!  Get in touch today and let’s get your pawsome membership going.  I know you have all the training knowledge to do this.

If your wondering what other tasks a canine virtual assistant(that’s me🤣) can do to help your business then check out this blog post.


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